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An MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation student at the University of Edinburgh, with strong qualitative and quantitative skills. Enthusiastic in solving user-based problems, with rich experience and knowledge in corporate innovation and human centred design.

Innovation Designer.

Capable and experienced in delivering tangible solutions through both physical and digital prototypes and presentations, demonstrated by distinctive performance at university. The application of design thinking through conceptualisation, problem solving and Computer Aided Design software is clear through experiences within a Bachelors of Science Degree and Consultation jobs. These skills have been applied in both design-focussed and engineering-focussed projects. Capability of problem-solving and communication skills are also shown within my internship, professional and consultancy experiences.

Knowledge and expertise in Corporate Innovation have been proven through successful outcomes in several live projects, including the recreation of Data Transformation Frameworks for the Scottish Government, and several analyses of leading organisations such as Dyson. Strong skills and experience in sales, product development, design engineering and UI/UX design.


3D Modelling – Solidworks 95%
Adobe Creative Suite 95%
Microsoft Office 100%


Work Experience

Data Consultant

January 2021 - Ongoing

Scottish Government, Edinburgh

  • Supported public sector Data Standards through the restructure of existing Data Transformation Framework.
  • Working to promote, improve and enable data reuse within the Scottish public sector through outlining realistic maturity stages.
  • Gauging client requirements and expectations, while continuously acting to develop a tangible solution.

Design Consultant

September 2019 - May 2020

Formula E, Remote

  • Professionally and independently designed all design concepts with minimal specification. Utilised understanding of brand representation, 3D modelling, prototyping and application of the design process to create a finalised and accepted concept from the ground up.
  • Presented clearly the concepts directly to all stakeholders from Bosch, Julius Baer and Formula E to evaluate proposed designs. Applied effective interpersonal skills through negotiation of proposed changes and requirements of the design brief.

Bosch Power Tools B.v

August 2018 - August 2019

Business Development Assistant Manager, Breda, The Netherlands

  • Organisation and communication skills shown through execution of several international business to business events in countries such as the UK, Sweden and Germany.
  • Working directly with existing customers and creating new business opportunities, aiding in generating a $1.5 million increase in the Digilab business from the beginning of 2019. Coordinating independent sales initiatives, leading to a global trade deal generating $125,000 from initial direct sale.

Technology Project Team Lead

October 2017 - May 2018

Enactus Aston, Birmingham, UK

  • Leadership and responsibility illustrated through governing multidisciplinary team of students ranging from 1 st year Bachelors to final year of Masters.
  • Advanced problem-solving capacity in the production of an innovative wearable product, engineered to aid General Practitioners to efficiently predict and diagnose prenatal diseases and prescribe effective medicine.
  • Presented concept within the national level Enactus competition, directly to Enactus UK board members.


Master of Science - MSc, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

2020- Present

The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

  • Relevant courses: Entrepreneurial Finance, Accounting for Entrepreneurs, Innovation Management in Practice, Managing Innovation in Context, Methods of Business Research, Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation, Venture Management and Growth in Practise.
  • Highly knowledgeable in corporate innovation management. Conducted several analyses upon the impact of Open Innovation, company culture, stage gate and design thinking product development strategies on the competitiveness of organisations such as Dyson.
  • Talent in presenting concepts and figures. Clearly and vividly explained new business models and concepts during New Venture Creation in Context and more generally during student representation and ambassador responsibilities.
  • Adept comprehension in financial constraint and impact of innovation and new product development strategies during the management of new ventures, and within established organisations, highlighted with Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting.

Bachelor of Science - BSc, Product Design and Technology

2016 - 2020

Aston University, UK

  • Relevant courses: Prototyping & Development, Engineering Principles, Engineering Practice, Design & Engineering for the User, Digital Design Skills, Industrial Product Design, Advanced Product Experience, Advanced Industrial Product Design.
  • Clear identification of User Need. Conducting high levels of user research and prototyping lead to indepth and innovative solutions to novel problems. Focus groups and academic research was a typical starting point for this.
  • UI and UX comprehension was developed through consultancy projects with Jaguar Land Rover, in which a fully functional prototype was created to specific specifications, acting to meet new user needs.


Bryce Freer: Turbine Project

Formula E Pole Position Trophies

Five Pole Position trophies were designed and manufactured, the trophies were awarded to the race winners live at the official Formula E races.

Unique trophies were designed and manufactured for the Ad Diriyah, Marrakech, Mexico City, Santiago and Berlin races.

Bryce Freer: Natal Aid Project

Natal Aid

A non-intrusive solution to reduce the risk of high blood-pressure related issues for pregnant women, such as hypertension and preeclampsia, a problem that leads to 8-10% of premature births in the UK.

The solution was fully prototyped, and a functional model was coded and manufactured.

Bryce Freer: Turbine Project

Wind Turbine

Design engineering project aimed at producing a wind turbine designed to be sold to companies like Urban Flood that produces the energy required to power flood detection equipment in the Netherlands. The design solution was finalised with the ability for the turbine to fold into a smaller area, to aid in transport.

Worked within a multi-disciplinary team through out the design process. Aerodynamic principles, CAD, problem solving and prototyping/manufacturing skills were developed throughout.

A functioning prototype was produced at the end of the project.

Bryce Freer: Pet Protect

Pet Protect

Pet Protect is a pet-orientated wearable device that monitors general health, number of steps, heart rate, GPS location, relative levels of sleep and anxiety over time.

The health monitor is guided by an Artificial Intelligence system providing user-friendly information regarding their pet’s overall health through corresponding mobile app.

Bryce Freer: Vibe


Vibe is an ongoing project focussed upon the creation of a new dating app, focussed on providing interest-based matching.

The app will be partnered with local companies, related to users interests, to support local businesses and provide a unique “first date” experience for users.

Bryce Freer: Apollo Project


A project completed for Philips, and was designed as a fully integrated AI support system for onset dementia patients. System includes a base unit (pictured), an earpiece and ring.

Bryce Freer: ELectric Car Project

Electric Vehicle

Design engineering project aimed at producing a 1 berth electric vehicle to be marketed to Primary schools for the children to easily assemble and use, to aid in their educational development.

Worked within a multi-disciplinary team from conceptual to final manufacturing phase. Engineering, CAD, prototyping, and manufacturing skills were used throughout the process

A fully functional vehicle was produced at the end of the project.


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